Wednesday, November 12, 2008

16 - Saying my blog's not funny enough

So, I occasionally get a little bit of criticism concerning my blog, and today, someone told me that I'm not being funny and witty enough on mine.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Omelette who?
Omelette funnier than some people may think I am and on a serious note, I took it as a very personal insult, because I know I try too hard to display my awesome levity. (Self-deprecating humor. Hahaha.) I honestly haven't paid much attention to how funny I'm trying to be, but you know, I have to feel in the mood for it, I have to have the cogs in my head working quick enough and the sarcasm meter pointed somewhere high.

But for my blog to be acknowledged for not being funny enough really flips my lid, blows my fuse, gives me kittens, drives me up the wall, drives me crackers, drives me bananas, oh, I'm sorry, am I boring you because I'm not funny enough?

From now on, I will strive to sharpen my wit, and show my good sense of humor. I mean, I know I seem like I take things too seriously, because I get angry at things that are meant to be funny (like school pranks).

But the fact that I felt bad 'cause I fell to the ground in maths class isn't a sine of me not being funny, or not ever having sum fun. To judge me by my blog is just mean because I'm a far more complex fellow than just a blogger. I'm positive that there is, in fact, an inverse relationship between how 'serious' I am on my blog and how carefree I really am in real-life. I'd like to add that humor is a natural thing for me, as easy as
But if I was to derive whether I wanted to be serious or be funny for the rest of my life, I would definitely pick being serious. If that makes me a negative person because I just can't have a laugh, then so be it, because at least I know I'll continue being rational and real.

Can my friend honestly think that I'm not funny? Cosecant.

Anyway, my point is that I'll try to integrate more of my witticisms into my blog. Get it? My buh-log.

By the way, it's getting quite chilly here in Hong Kong. If I wasn't typing this post, my fingers would be a lot number. It's getting so cold in the morning-time, that it's making it extremely hard to wake up. To solve this problem, I can either sleep earlier, or I can sleep late, wake up late and end up rushing to school. I think I'm going to sleep earlier, 'cause in my mind, it goes rise over run.

Besides, I'm really getting tired of all these puns, so I'll draw the line there (probably should've made some graphing joke). Thank you all for following my trains of thought for the past fifteen days! I bet you're all tired from all of these puns too. In great apundance, puns just ain't punny.

(To my friend who said my blog posts weren't funny enough: I hope my blog will satisfy you from now on. Thank you for reading as well, and thanks for trying to tip me. You were actually suggesting some pretty interesting blog ideas, but this was the best inspiration you could provide and I know you saw this coming. Hah.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, where's the rule that says a blog has to be funny? I never saw it.


J.J. in L.A. said...

I know what you mean, I have to be in the mood to be funny. I can't quite pull it off if I don't feel it.

Douglas said...

Wit is best when it is subtle and easily missed. I wouldn't worry about those who cannot see the wit within your posts, they probably very dreary lives. Or spend way too much time watching old Three Stooges movies.

Zoe said...

Math puns...
Everyone who isn't entertained can go play in traffic.

yolanda said...

actually michael, i think youre a very smart guy.

you write really well in a way that seems effortless, and thats no easy feat. keep it up ;-)

Melissa said...

ahahah i found the "number" one really clever! and just because your humour isn't "in your face" doesn't mean it's not there...
this is my favourite maths wordplay:
i wish i was your derivative so i could lie tangent to your curves XD
gotta love calculus!

Kite said...

you are not required to be funny. your puns were entertaining. all the best for the future.