Thursday, November 20, 2008

24 - Libraries that aren't quiet

I'm starting this entry in the school library now and to say the least, our school's library just has to be one of the noisiest. There are (rare) times when I sit in this place trying to read a book or do my homework, but there's always all these sounds that make it extremely hard to concentrate on anything.

Oh, damn. The bell just went off. It's time to go to class now. I'll continue this when I get home.


Hi, all. I'm home now.

As I was saying, I don't believe it sometimes just how noisy it is in a place that is supposed to be quiet. The first thing that really strikes me as being noise would be the door. Whenever someone opens the door, there's the sound of the cylindrical lock, and then the creaking of the door's hinge, then the footsteps on the hardwood floor (high heels are just the worst), then there comes the momentary silence as every head in the room turns toward the door to see who it might be. It's only momentary and that makes the murmur of voices that follows right after even more unbearable.

And it's not actually murmuring. It's more like... pattering, prattling or chattering, something with the letter 't'. The librarians really don't enforce any silence and so the kids just continue yapping on and on. Oh, and there are computers in the library too and the sound of fingers tapping keyboards is also very, very irritating. There's also the printer/photocopier that beeps five hundred times an hour, as well as the beeps eminating from the bar code scanner that the librarians use to check in/out books.

But I think the worst noise originates from the librarian herself. I'll talk more about that in my next post, but really, does nobody respect the sanctity of silence in libraries anymore? Noisy libraries: Do you hate them too?


Anonymous said...

i completely agree with that, 'the librarian, the culprit'.. and sometimes they just get too hypocritical to start hushing around the just-excited students. but the hushing already's something "TICKLING" to the ear. (if only possible i'd love to make that word red) i'm a library kid, so i really cared. unlike just those other somebodies who were just cutting classes, showing off, or secretly dating in isolated corners. duh.. they're just a pint noisier than the librarian. i tried writing my stories there i thought it must be the most "solemn" place in school. but the noise just shakes my brilliancy off. hateful.

Michael said...

Exactly, my next post highlights the librarian = culprit thing explicitly.

And writing stories in the library. How brave. It makes me so self-conscious just to have others in the same room as me when I'm producing anything on paper. Completely my own quirky problem though.


Anonymous said...

nah, i feel the same as you do. i write in single cubicles, and whenever someone tries to peek, i either cover it and say it's nothing, or if they still bother, i say it's an assignment in literature class. but if it would be my classmate in literature class, i guess i have no excuse but let them read it.. then i'll simply lose the motivation to continue.

i read the next post.. and the heck how cool was that librarian! XD librarians here are simply childish, not nosy. and that's just when they're with the BOOKLOVER'S CLUB MEMBERS.. oh the brats. mostly girls.. and you must have been familiar with the usually girly-girly naughty and noisy attitude. (and it gives me real creeps)

do you see the irony?

Michael said...

Ares, I was very worried when I first showed my friends this blog. I don't know what it is about them that's so scary.

I am familiar with the girly-girly naughty and noisy attitude and I do see the irony. I wish you all the best in your endeavors when living through the Hell that is your library.