Saturday, November 22, 2008

26 - Owners with loud dogs

So, I got up at seven in the morning today, and that's completely abnormal of me to do so in the weekend. I woke up early because I have upcoming exams and everyone says that learning is done best in the morning, and one should practice sleeping early to wake up early, and one should spend as much time as possible studying to fully prepare for important examinations, blahblahblah...

Okay, I didn't exactly wake up on my own accord or even with the help of my alarm clock. Instead of fully preparing for exams, I was totally prepared to just sleep 'til eleven or twelve or even later in the day. The actual reason I woke up was because the neighbor's damn dog kept barking like a...well, a dog, a mad dog, leaving me to suffer with this very fatigued look on my face and the sensation that my ears were bleeding while I laid there in my half-asleep-half-awake state of irritation, misery and drowsiness.

Like a library, the bedroom is a place that is meant to be relaxing, peaceful and quiet. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, but when I'm lying in my bed, sleep trumps dogs (and also babies). No matter how much I love dogs, excessive noise is unforgivable. The neighbor's dog has woken me up many, many, many times before and nobody else will ever comprehend how much worse 'awakening by dog' makes my day. It's ridiculous that this happens every morning. Perhaps on the weekdays, it's alright, but at six in the morning on a Sunday? That's just too much.

I've taken the liberty to 'talk' to the owners about it politely. The lady who was responsible for buying that wretched animal in the first place laughed it off and said something along the lines of, "Oh, well, all dogs bark."


I've never used earplugs, you know? Perhaps I should...


As you may have noticed already, I've changed the layout on both of my blogs. I accidentally removed the hit and flag counters at the bottom of my other blog, but there weren't many viewers there anyway. Because there weren't as many readers on that one, I decided I might write a very elaborate post about my childhood that might interest you if you like reading about life, about children and that sort of thing. Here's a link: "My early life."

Happy blogging/reading, people. I wish you all well.


thumbsUpsmile said...

Yes, I do agree that all dogs bark, but not all dog OWNERS are smart enough to realize that their "precious pooches" are slowly turning the neighborhood deaf.

Oh and I've used earplugs once before, and it wasn't a pleasant experience for me... but it's personal preference.

Anonymous said...

fortunately our room's at the back part of the house and the dogs in the compound aren't that noisy because they aren't chained. but the thing that i can't contain to myself are the scattered poops all around which anyway are regularly swept by the neighbors. (this should be on your 27th post)

well, that's just my theory, that tied dogs are usually noisier. but there's also something scary about silent tied dogs. earlier, just earlier, as I accompanied my parents to pay a visit to somebody, I'm still quite sleepy, and walking zigzag following them. as I lowered my head i was surprised to see this dog i haven't noticed when i entered ('cause he's not barking) was already about to bite my ankle! i was hilarious, shrieking as i leaped, completely losing my composure and my drowsiness gone.. uhh!

as we were heading out, of course i already was distancing from that 'thing', and i was wondering why my dad didn't seem to care 'cause he's really this close to that dog. about a feet closer, the dog pounded on my dad's right leg, and it really did bit him. good thing he wore long pants. and i was laughing hard as i saw him leap and scream to my fondness.. i learned he didn't notice the dog from when we entered, and didn't notice me in my most embarassing state 'cause he was walking quite ahead of us.

Michael said...

Dear thumbsUpsmile,

Oh, the owners know... I mean... They know. They're just too embarrassed to admit it, too ashamed to confess that their dog's bothering everybody. Argh.


Michael said...


I was too focused on the mere smell... I hadn't even begun to consider how much I hate the sight of dog poop. Good one.

And it sounds like your dad got served a plate of karma for bringing you to that place where the canine devil dwelt... especially while you were still in that drowsy state.